Terms & Conditions

  1. All prices are fixed, non negotiable and valid as per the specified period only.
  2. Any form of discount will be clearly specified in a revised quote.
  3. Transportation and Parking fees may apply.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the client to secure the required space, power and internet connection to execute the services.
  5. Payment : Advanced payment of 50% is required upon confirmation , to be settled within 3 days thru GCash , Paypal, BPI online transfer or any remittance centers. Remaining 50% balance plus any other additional services that may be availed during the actual event should be settled right after in CASH basis only. Receipts will be issued accordingly.
  6. Bank and Remittance Details:
  7. Stop Time: Maximum of 30 mins and should be informed ahead of time.
  8. In case of cancellation or unsuccessful rescheduling , 50 % of the advanced payment shall be automatically forfeited. FREE rescheduling can only be requested once, two weeks prior the event and should not be in conflict with the existing schedule of the service provider otherwise , will be subject to additional charges.
  9. In case of “failure to set up” due to client’s inability to acquire the necessary requirements to successfully operate , the client is still obliged to pay the full and remaining balance.
  10. Full refund may be granted only if both or either party has experienced any unforeseen events that are not limited to any accident, natural calamities, and medical emergencies.
  11. Any loss and damage to property incurred by the client or the client’s guests will be charged accordingly.
  12. Upon acceptance of this quotation, a simple service agreement with full details of our services’ scope and T&Cs should be understood and signed by both parties to cover everybody’s interest.