My First Flashgun – Yongnuo YN-460

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My First Flashgun - Yongnuo YN-460

My First Flashgun - Yongnuo YN-460

The Good News!
After several weeks of research, reading reviews and more than a month of waiting I finally received my very 1st flashgun, My very own Yongnuo YN -460.

First Impression.
After opening the brown postal envelope, the first thing that I noticed is the Nikon-ish box that the flashgun was in. Honestly, I was quite impressed with the box alone. I did not expect to receive it in a very presentable packaging. I was actually expecting a matte brown cheap box since I got the item for a very low price. The next thing that impressed me is when I opened the box. A velvet-like pouch bag was covering the flash itself. Again, I did not expect this one. Then after opening the pouch bag, the flash itself was again wrapped with a very thick plastic covering.

The Looks.
The Yongnuo YN -460‘s front side looked very similar to the Nikon SB-600. At the back you can see 1 button for switching the flash on and off, a button for changing the operating mode to Manual, Slave 1 & Slave 2, and a button for increasing and decreasing the flash power. You can also find here the light indicators or Idiot Lights as others call it which indicate which mode you are on, flash power and a light that changes from red to green to indicate that the flash is ready to fire.

Yongnuo YN-460 (Back)

Yongnuo YN-460 (Back)

Whats in the box?

  • 1pc. Yongnuo YN-460 Flashgun
  • 1pc. flash stand
  • 1pc Velvet-like pouch bag
  • 1pc Product Manual


  • Manual Power Settings - 1/1 – 1/2 – 1/4 – 1/8 – 1/16 – 1/32 – 1/64
  • Flash duration (full power) - 1/800
  • Recycle time specified(at full power) - 5 sec alkaline
  • Recycle time measured (at full power) - 9 to 10 secs. alkaline, 5 sec NiMH
  • Manual Mode Operation
  • Optical Slave operation mode
  • Swivel -180 to +90 degrees
  • Tilt -10 (older models: 0) to +90 degrees
  • Operates using 4 pcs AA batteries
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