Abu Dhabi Fashion Week 2010

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Abu Dhabi Fashion Week 2010 - Khalidia Mall

October is the month of Fashion in the entire United Arab Emirates and here in Abu Dhabi , I was fortunate to get the chance to witness it for the first time. Honestly, I don’t have any interest when it comes to Fashion, I was just enlightened by the idea that since I’m still a newbie  in the world of Digital Photography this would be a good chance for me to sharpen my skills.

Abu Dhabi Fashion Week 2010 - Khalidia Mall

The event was held at Khalidyah Mall, Giordano, Paris Gallery ,Rivoli, La Senza, Laura Ashley, Shoe Citi, Tammy, Tape O’ Leil , Pumpkin Patch and Western Neighbor were the few brands who participated .  The gorgeous models showed off  each brands latest collection of clothing, accessories, eyewear  and foot wear.

Abu Dhabi Fashion Week 2010 - Khalidia Mall

Aside from the catwalk scene , the fashion week also gave  chance to its audience to participate in the said event. What happened ? Well, the host just challenged  the audience starting from children to adult to give their best shot at the catwalk  and who ever catches the attention of the audience shall receive a price. Surprisingly, a lot participated  which might mean  the people of  Abu Dhabi  has some frustration to become a ramp model!

From branded clothing lines, let’s now talk about branded DSLR’s. Yes, as I was expecting there were a lot of people who brought their full battle photography gears in the event. Most of them were Filipinos and some are from India.  I felt envious for a moment, but  I don’t mind soon I’ll be having my own top of the line photography battle gear too! I have so much to do and discover with my Nikon D90 so no need to rush.

Overall, the event was a success ,I was able to take good shots, I think?! Better check it out, be the judge. Any comment, suggestion would be highly appreciated. Until the next Fashion Week!

Photos taken with:
Nikon D90 DSLR Camera
Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC
Marumi UV Filter
Sandisk ULTRA 15MB/s SD card

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